About Us

Utilizing their combined years of experience and expertise in providing quality services to people with disabilities, founders Joe Horton and Sandra Morrison submitted a proposal in 1989 to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services to be approved as providers of home and community based services. Mr. Horton had worked tirelessly to assist in closing a state run institution in Michigan, and was therefore able to bring a broad understanding of how to safely and successfully transition people from a congregate living arrangement to individualized home settings. His background in social work and mental health services proved to be an invaluable asset. Ms. Morrison was an established and well regarded community residential provider. The founder and Executive Director of Central State Community Services in Michigan, she was responsible for establishing 16 group homes throughout Michigan, providing services to people considered medically fragile and to those with a dual diagnosis. Ms. Morrison has a son with I/DD and she has therefore been able to understand the fear and frustration parents feel when dealing with governmental bureaucracies and the challenges of finding quality staff.

Lara Morrison is the Chief Executive Officer of CSCSO.  Her passion for and dedication to the field of disability services comes from a lifetime of advocacy for her developmentally disabled brother for whom she is guardian.  She is well qualified for her position due to her years of experience in the field of I/DD as a Direct Support Professional in a group home, a Program Coordinator in a residential facility, a Director of day programs, and a Director of Planning and Evaluation.  She opened and acted as Executive Director of a non-profit corporation in North Carolina providing residential supports to individuals with dual diagnosis.  She came to Oklahoma in 2003, and was only the second CSCSO Executive Director since the company’s founding.

Diverse workforce and inclusive workplace are integral to our business strategy and critical to our continued success. At CSCSO, we are committed to proactively and consciously embracing diversity by recognizing and appreciating the numerous characteristics that make individuals unique. We strive to foster a culture of inclusion and create an environment where each individual connected with our company feels valued. Our goal is for all to be respected and appreciated for their identities, talents, experiences, ideas, similarities and differences, and for everyone to know that their contributions have a significant impact on CSCSO.