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If you are looking for a job and want to find a way to earn a living that offers opportunities for advancement and constant variety, consider a career with CSCSO. No experience? NO PROBLEM! We offer the necessary training at no cost to you. We pay your wage for the time you spend in class. Some courses are held in class room settings, but most of what you need is provided on-line.

Current Positions

CSCSO is now offering
a “New Hire” Incentive

of up to $1,000!*

(See hiring manager for details.)*

Position Descriptions

Sometimes called an HTS, a caretaker or a direct care worker, employees in these positions provide direct, hands-on support to children and adults with disabilities. Supports are provided in the home and community of the person with the disability.

If you crave regular change and lots of variety, you might be interested in this position. A floater fills in shifts for vacationing DSP's/HTS's or in vacant positions The position is on-call and requires an employee to be extremely flexible in terms of availability.

Call them a Staff Supervisor, a Home Supervisor a House Manager or an HTSS but an applicant with an aptitude for multi-tasking might be interested in being a DSP Supervisor. The successful DSPS performs administrative and management duties in addition to daily direct, hands-on support.

ESP's are at a work site in order to assist people receiving supports in meeting paid employer or volunteer site expectations. ESP's must complete specialized General Employment Training provided by DDSD. An ESP with advanced employment training is sometimes known as a job coach.

Some refer to this position as Adult Foster Care. A person interested in providing companion services must meet specific eligibility criteria established by DHS-DDS. An exhaustive home study and approval of the Interdisciplinary Team are two of those criteria. Companions are considered contractors [not employees] and as such are responsible for payment of their own taxes, social security payments and health insurance.

People applying for this position are also called In-Home Support Workers (IHSW). Often, a family identifies someone they want to come to their home and provide supports on an irregular basis. The FSW may, at the family's discretion, be exempt from some of the normally required DDS training via a Certificate of Competancy.

Also known in this industry as a Program Coordinator (PC), the primary role of the SC is to oversee supports at a variety of service sites. The SC hires new staff, mentors existing staff and serves as the liason to families and to the person's interdisciplinary.

An ESPS assists people and their interdisciplinary teams to identify those strengths and interests that will lead to employment. ESPS's supervise people providing direct employment supports and are creative marketers who develop successful matches between community employment needs and people receiving supports.

This position heads up a local office and oversees residential and vocation programs. Responsibilities include supervision of programs, staff and office staff.

Most office locations have a front desk person to answer phones, direct visitors and perform routine secretarial duties.

The Tulsa office is the "headquarters" for the corporation and has positions in the accounting & human resource departments. Clerical, accounting and computer skills are a requirement for these positions.

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