Effective March 23, 2021

– All CSCSO employees will wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth at all times while on duty.

– All people will practice social distancing at all times possible (staying at least 6 feet apart from all other people).

– A sufficient supply of masks, gloves, hand soap, hand sanitizer, disinfectant air spray, and surface cleaners/disinfectant will be maintained at all homes and offices.

– A cleaning/sanitizing schedule/checklist has been implemented at each home and will be strictly adhered to.

– All people at the homes and offices (individuals, staff and visitors) will practice universal precautions and will wash their hands multiple times per day.

– Individuals living in the homes will be screened for symptoms of illness at least 1 time per day.

– Every person coming into the homes and offices (including staff for each shift) will immediately wash/sanitize their hands and must be screened for illness and/or risk of exposure using the CSCSO provided screening tool and thermometer.

– For individuals (consumers) who have NOT been COVID-19 vaccinated:

  • Outings to outdoor areas/events (i.e., parks) where proper social distancing can occur are allowed.
  • Going to salons for hair care is allowed.
  • Essential outings (i.e., doctor appointments) are allowed.
  • Going to a grocery store is allowed.
  • All other non-essential outings are NOT allowed at this time.
  • People on outings will wear masks, use hand sanitizer often while on the outing, and will wash their hands immediately upon returning home.

– For individuals (consumers) who HAVE been COVID-19 vaccinated:

  • All outings are allowed except for eating INSIDE a restaurant.
  • People on outings will wear masks at all times (except when eating outside), use hand sanitizer often while on the outing, and will wash their hands immediately upon returning home.

– Company leased vehicles will be thoroughly sanitized after each use.

– When individuals are transported in staff-owned vehicles, staff-owned vehicles will be thoroughly sanitized with Central State provided sanitizer prior to each use by the individuals.

– A CSCSO COVID-19 Visitor Log has been implemented in order to complete contact tracing (if contact tracing becomes necessary).

– Visitors to/in the home are allowed.

  • No more than 2 people may visit at the same time.
  • All people (including visitor) must wear a mask during times when there are visitors.
  • If the visitor is an individual’s guardian/family member, and both have been COVID-19 vaccinated, the individual and guardian/family member may visit without masks in the individual’s bedroom.
  • Visitors must wash their hands upon arrival.
  • Visitors must sign in/out on the CSCSO COVID-19 Visitor Log. Proper social distancing (at least 6 feet) must occur during the visit.

– Support Coordinators, Case Managers, OCA, Professionals (OT, PT, Speech, Nutritionist, etc.), etc. may complete their site visits and will follow the visitor guidelines listed above.

– Individuals may return to work (paid and volunteer) under the following conditions:

  • The vocational provider must have a written plan that has been approved by DDS.
  • A Team meeting has occurred, the individual’s vaccination status and risk have been discussed, and a plan specific to the individual has been written.
  • As soon as they get home from work, the individual must change clothes and wash hands before sitting down or touching anything. They then must be screened for illness and/or risk of exposure using the screening tool provided by CSCSO.

– All staff will immediately report to their Supervisor AND will call the CSCSO HR Manager at 918-664-6944 if they or someone they have been exposed to (live with or have visited or has visited them) exhibit ANY signs or symptoms of ANY illness.